More often than not, portfolios are shot in confined spaces of a stuffy studio where the model is asked to wear a bikini in winter. 

If that sounds as daunting to you as it does to us, why not have your portfolio shoot on the sunny, magnificent beaches of Zanzibar or Mozambique instead?

Remember, your portfolio needs to stand out amongst the thousands of images agencies receive each year. Your images need to be different, artistic and one off a kind. Doesn’t matter if it’s done for an agency, your husband or yourselves, this adventure will capture striking poses on the pristine beaches, as well as the exciting beauty of models against a backdrop of sumptuous waves, lush vegetation and many other local or international sites, like Sibiya lake (KZN), Ponta do Oura / Dongane (Mozambique) or even Sossusvlei (Namibia). Shoots can be done at any given location as the client suggest.

IJWorx Photography, Jaco Herbst will go out of his way to ensure quality work.